Wow, time flies.

Here it is late 2019, and I’ve lived in Bellingham, Washington for over a year already. We’re moving into fall now and I am currently awaiting the arrival of my custom workbench in anticipation of sculpting Autumn leaves. It’s that time of year again! I love Bellingham - the people are welcoming and the art community is huge, fresh, and vibrant.

I have a lovely shared studio on the waterfront, in which I just built a small gallery store. With my hip replacement surgery and bum knee, festivals were out of the question for me this year so I thought to myself, “why not a store?” The Bellingham Art Walk is active all year round and we get enough foot traffic for me to “show my wares” right at home in my studio where I can continue to work and sell, at the same time.

Right now I’m featuring prints and greeting cards while showcasing some original pen-and-inks. I’m also getting ready to work on a series of mixed media drawings, and a painting for a show in Michigan. There’s always plenty to do and plenty to love! So if you’re downtown Bellingham any time soon, or any time at all, come on over. I’m downstairs in the Bay Street Village right off the bay side parking lot. Just inside the door to the right, come find me at Suite D5!