Featuring 2019 Art

Bolete - India Ink pointillism

Bolete - India Ink pointillism

Mushrooms in Pen-and-Ink Pointillism

Much focus in 2019 has been given to mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest in India Ink using pointillism. See gallery or store for more images - available in greeting cards and small prints.

New Favorite Technique - Watercolor and India Ink Mixed Media

Anne has been developing a series of botanical drawings with special effects watercolor backgrounds and imagery in India ink. Watch for this collection coming soon. Greeting cards and prints available for ‘Magnolias’ in our store.

Magnolias - India Ink image over watercolor background

Basidiomycota - Alcohol Ink on Italian slate tile

Italian slate tiles and Alcohol Inks

Here we see more mushrooms gracing Italian slate tiles. Background and foreground images are rendered with alcohol inks then the tile is sealed. These are not food safe nor meant to be used as coasters - they are original drawings meant to be displayed on the tiny wooden easels that come with them. These tiles with easels are currently on sale in our store. See gallery or store for more images.